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Drop into your body and senses...

Strengthen and celebrate your unique feminine magnificence...

Awaken and connect with your sensual nature.


About Us

What is Sensual Embodied Dance?

Sensual Embodied Dance exists to open, nourish and celebrate the feminine.  You are born with innate gifts of sensuality, emotionality, intuition and life force.  Over the years, life experiences can mute and cage our natural strengths and desires.  Sensual Embodied Dance guides us back to our native gifts- to move, emote, communicate and connect.  In the safest space (no men, no mirrors, no judgment), witnessing other women's courage, beauty and power, you will become free, empowered and home in your body.  You will get stronger, more fluid and alive as you explore and express your emotions and desires through music, movement and clothing.  And you will come to know yourself as the magnificent being you were born as.

Class Experience:  Class includes a flowing series of movements to stretch and strengthen your physical body, stir your emotions and awaken your senses and sensuality.  We drop in on our own mats, stretching, strengthening and eventually flowing around the room using the walls, floor and (optional!) dance poles. Through lessons, themes and loving support, you learn to listen to and follow your own body voice, melt away thoughts and be led by pleasure.

Lineage:  Sensual Embodied Dance grew out of 15 years of training under amazing teachers and mentors, including Sheila Kelly/S Factor, Sofia Diaz, David Deida, Michaela Boehm and others.  I fell in love with awakening my body, emotions, and sensual nature through this innately feminine movement.  It was a kick ass workout, sexy, healing and so much fun.  I discovered new music that delighted my body, how to move light and dark emotions and, when I want to, explore their connection to my erotic charge. I fell in love with amazing women and with myself.   In partnership with former NY S Factor teacher Jennifer Bell, we started introducing our friends to this movement and ultimately opened a studio to serve the growing obsession :)  It is a gift to share this with you!



AliFall2018-4506 (2).jpg
Ali Kegley Kole

Relationship and Sensuality teacher.

Trained by John Wineland and S Factor. Helping women and couples reignite their passion and intimacy. Semi retired CEO, passionate wife, radiant feminine being.

Jennifer Ellsworth-Bell

Licensed S Factor teacher.

Retired lawyer.  NY transplant.  

Dedicated mom to beloved Avery. 

Radiant sensual feminine being.

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