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A 3-Day Immersion for Wild Women

October 6-8 | Golden, CO

Led by "The Trifecta"
Ali Kole, Erin Kinney, Nicholette Routhier

Founding Co-Teachers of
John Wineland's 

Embodied Women's Program

Reclaim Your Wild Heart

You are a force of nature. Deep within, you know there is more to who you truly are. Come alive, reclaim your wild, and unleash all of you in the presence and community of other women that long for this same reclamation. (Re)remember your undeniable connection to the energy that moves through you, has always moved through you, and moves through all things. Awaken and discover the full range of your wild heart - emotions, flavors, desires, and expression.
It is true. There is more. More access, acceptance, and empowerment of your own femininity, creativity, and power. Reclaim and embody the wisdom of your ancestors. It is your birthright. Dance in the infinite possibilities of the undeniable truth of who you are and have always been - Unshakeable power. Epic love. Cosmic magic.

You – Untamed.
Through embodied practice, ritual, and personalized feedback, you will…
  • Cultivate safety, relaxation, and openness in your body as a pathway to feeling more and experiencing the deepest, most ecstatic intimacy and enlivened sensation.
  • Express your core truth through the ever-flowing pulse of your heart.
  • Explore sensual artistry – develop your practice in sensual expression. 
  • Become an artist of the erotic -  expand your range of erotic expression to attract, delight and connect in intimate pleasure with a worthy partner – and alone!
  • Cultivate sovereignty in your energy, interpersonal relationships and life through a deep connection to your inner source of wisdom.
  • Learn how to create attraction and hot passion that lasts – and even increases - over time, even if you’re tired, don’t feel like it, or only have a few minutes.
  • Express dark and light emotions powerfully, and come to trust their beauty and magnetism.
  • (Re)remember your birthright as a feminine being by reclaiming your ancestral wisdom.
  • Connect to your ultimate expression through the instinctual wild nature that you are.
  • Come awake and alive through the ritual of gathering in ceremony with other women.
  • Receive feminine wisdom and support to guide you along your journey.
I had the incredible privilege of working with and learning from Nicholette, Ali, and Erin over the course of nearly three years—a privilege that continues to unfold in my life in magical and beautiful ways. These women are uniquely gifted in a multitude of ways, bringing a gentleness, a fierceness, laughter, play, and profound support all as the moment calls. Whatever I needed in any practice, they knew and guided me without judgment through heavy emotions, into lightness, and ultimately back to myself. Over and over and over. I was brand new to a lot of this work, I had never heard of feminine movement, I was so removed from my body, I had no idea what my erotic or sexual self even looked like…
The connection I made to my own heart under their stewardship and care is priceless. I couldn’t never quantify it let alone describe it any sufficient way. To say they changed my life wouldn’t be enough. Through their teaching, encouragement, and space holding, they gave me life—they helped me find my power, my essence, my love for myself. They reminded me of who I am. The gratitude and love I have for these women could never be measured. They are gift to anyone lucky enough to learn from them.  

- Kelly Sue M.


Immersion Details

Friday, October 6 | 6pm-9pm
Saturday, October 7 | 10am-9pm
Sunday, October 8 | 10am-5pm
Golden, CO

Venue details will be sent upon enrollment.

Paid in Full | $1400 (Save $100)
Payment Plan | $1500 ($500 Deposit + $1000 by Oct 1)

Meals and accommodation not included.

Questions? Email Us:


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Ali is a trained teacher of the sensual and erotic arts, helping hundreds of women and couples to discover and expand pleasure, intimacy and energetic expression.  Using her own 17 year marriage and executive career as a laboratory, Ali has devoted herself to the practice of relationship artistry and “modern femininity”.  She is a Certified Embodiment Teacher with John Wineland and has taught and/or assisted in over 1000 hours of Feminine Embodiment and Co-ed work with John and David Deida, as well as creating her own.  In her Boulder based S Factor certified Sensually Embodied studio and around the world, she offers the safety and knowledge for everyone to reclaim their body for their own pleasure, and to access power, passion and hot chemistry anytime they desire, in the midst of a busy career and family life.


Erin Kinney

Erin is a trained Ceremonialist and delights in the realm of ritual and the shamanic arts. In the last 8 years, Erin has sat and trained in over a 100 ceremonies and has devoted her life to being in a heart of service. She is currently a Master student of Teo Alfero and co-teaches with Teo in the realms of energetic capacity, and other shamanic practices. Erin is also a Certified Embodiment Teacher with John Wineland. She has taught and co-led in over a thousand hours of Feminine Embodiment and Co-ed work. She co-led John's Embodied Women's Relationship Immersion, for the last three years, with a focus on the art of Feminine Expression in the modern world, helping women reclaim their hearts and the wild nature of their Feminine essence. Erin leads from a background of music, art, dance, theater and embodiment practices. She channels a tremendous amount of energy opening the gateway for new possibilities and a deeper connection to consciousness, the heart, and the Spirit that moves through all things. 


Nicholette Routhier

Nicholette has been leading groups of women for the past five years to deepen their relationships with their partners, other women, themselves, and the world at large. She also gives private coaching to men, women and couples. She is a certified Embodiment Teacher, having completed over 1000 hours of training in Masculine and Feminine Embodiment and Sexual Polarity with John Wineland, David Deida, and Kendra Cunov. She was John Wineland's Lead Program Assistant for four years. During that time, she co-facilitated and co-created workshops and programs, such as the Embodied Women's Relationship Immersion and The Teacher Training, and led dozens of Assistant Teams to hold in-person and virtual groups from 40-200 participants across the globe. Over the past three years, she has been training in the lineage of Carlos Castaneda with Teo Alfero. She is a founding core ensemble member of UpLift Physical Theatre, an acrobatic theatre company that tours nationally and internationally. Her passion is supporting others in cultivating their fullest sovereign expression.


Individually, Nicholette, Erin, and Ali are powerful teachers, each with their unique gifts and approaches. However, it is their collaboration and synergy as the Trifecta (as I affectionately call them) that truly sets them apart. Their collective expertise amplifies their impact, creating a container of profound transformation, growth and safety. Together, they have seamlessly woven their teachings, supporting me on my journey of self-discovery and embodiment.
I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Nicholette, Erin, and Ali. Their combined wisdom, authenticity, and dedication have allowed me to delve into the depths of pleasure, embodiment, self-knowing, and ceremony. The Trifecta has become an integral part of my journey, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking a profound transformation and a deeper connection with themselves.

Jennifer V.

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